A TEDx Talk on Transformational Festivals

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Published: September 28, 2012

Transformational festivals: Jeet Kei Leung at TEDxVancouver

Festivals come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors whether their focus is music, art, sports, food, religious, or historical reenactments. One of the fastest growing segments of the festival world is transformational (or what used to be called New Age) festivals. These aren’t for everyone, but if you believe in the  10 Principles of Burning Man , you’re likely to enjoy  Lightning in a Bottle Inshala , or  Beloved .

Jeet Kei Leung, in his TEDx talk, offers a perspective on why these transformational festivals are flourishing. He suggests, as Barbara Ehrenreich did in her book “Dancing in the Streets,” that festivals began really taking off in the 13th century when the church forbid dancing and Carnival sprouted as a secular tradition. Jeet asks us to consider what is brewing in these transformational festivals that is missing in modern, materialistic, urban society. And, he and his team are bringing out a web series in February called The Bloom Series that explores this further. You’ll see two videos on the home page of The Bloom Series. Check out the two-minute one that’s below the nine-minute video.

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